Is Freeze-Distilled Milk Worth The Effort For Your Morning Coffee?

Person pouring milk into a latte
Person pouring milk into a latte - Erdark/Getty

It seems like the internet never runs out of creative ways to boost your coffee routine, and it offers plenty of new tricks for avoiding the at-home coffee mistakes that could ruin your morning. A lot of people add milk in some form to their coffee, but have you ever heard of freeze distilled milk, and is it worth using in your morning coffee?

One coffee-based creator on TikTok shared a video that shows how to create freeze distilled milk that they claim tastes better than normal milk and is used by "world barista champions." To make freeze distilled milk, all you'll need is a carton of milk, an empty glass, and plenty of patience. Basically, the video's creators freeze the carton of milk, take off the cap, and flip the carton upside down into a glass, letting the milk collect as it melts. They then use the resulting freeze distilled milk to make a latte, topping off the drink with beautiful art crafted from the creamy concoction. The comments section is conflicted, with some saying they want to try the hack out, and others pointing out how lengthy the process is. A few suggested that you should just use evaporated milk or heavy cream in your coffee instead.

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So Is Freeze Distilled Milk Worth The Effort?

Frozen milk carton upside down in a glass
Frozen milk carton upside down in a glass - Golden Brown Coffee/TikTok

The creators claim that freeze distilled milk is better than normal milk because the water is the last thing to melt. What you get is purely fats and proteins. That's because their melting point is lower than that of water. But "better" could be too strong of a word to use when comparing freeze distilled milk to normal milk. Obviously, eliminating the water content will change the way the milk tastes. Some say it makes the milk creamier and its flavor more intense. This isn't necessarily better. It depends on how you take your coffee and how you like your milk. If you're more of a skim milk fan, freeze distilled milk might not be what you're looking for. It's also important to keep in mind how lengthy the process is to create freeze distilled milk — freezing the milk takes hours. Having to slowly let it melt again adds even more time.

So what about the comments suggesting to use evaporated milk? If you want a similar effect that takes less time, evaporated milk could be the solution. Instead of freezing the milk to get rid of its water content, you could use evaporated milk, which is heated so that about 60% of its water content evaporates. It's super creamy and can definitely be used to replace classic milk or creamer in your coffee — and you can buy it from your grocery store without having to wait ages to have a taste.

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