Tell Me About The Cheap Or Free Product, Service, Or Subscription You Think Everyone Should Have

Listen, we all know that everything's expensive right now. Rent, groceries, feels like it's all kinda piling up. So, I wanna hear what free (or very cheap!) things you know about that you think EVERYONE should take advantage of.

For example, maybe you know a little hack where you can get a free smart thermostat through your electric utility company...and then get a discount on your bill every year for using it.

Person holds smartphone displaying weather app with temperature at 21 degrees celsius
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Or maybe you know of some killer free software out there so you don't have to pay a high monthly subscription to write, draw, or do other digital work.

Set of 16 flat design icons for various concepts like technology, photography, and media
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Or perhaps you know of some amazing free classes that you can take online or locally, like language or fitness classes.

Group of people doing high-knee exercises in a park with a trainer
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Heck, it could even be something that your local library offers that you think people don't know about, like tool rentals!

Person using an electric jigsaw to cut a wooden plank on a workbench
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Whatever it is, share that knowledge! Let us know about your money-saving secret in the comments, or by using this anonymous form, and your suggestion may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!