Free runner captures stunning images of London landmarks

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A superstar free runner has captured a series of striking images featuring iconic London landmarks.

Parkour professional Toby Segar, who is a member of the specialist parkour group STORROR, has filmed himself performing death-defying feats at a number of familiar locations within the capital city.

One photo sees Toby execute a balance on the side of a lamppost with Tower Bridge as the backdrop, while in another, he is depicted performing a massive leap over a stairwell near The Shard.

He was also snapped undertaking a series of dramatic backflips in front of St. Paul's Cathedral.

"Wherever I go, there's always a challenge - something you haven't seen before. The more and more skills you learn, the more sort of variations and opportunities are unlocked in front of you," Toby explained. "You think you've mastered one skill and then you start playing around with another, the playground opens up and there is a whole new world of opportunity in terms of challenge."

To capture the choreography, he used the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

Describing the device as a "pretty wicked bit of kit", the 28-year-old set the smartphone to either Quick Shot to take self-portraits or FlexCam mode - meaning that he no longer has to rely on strangers or friends to take pics and video for him.

"I can just put the phone down on a bag, get the angle just right. So, you're basically not going to have any more trouble completely guessing what the frame's going to look like," he added.