Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello shares her favourite things

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 (Michael Clifford Photography)
(Michael Clifford Photography)

Our summer plans look as though they’ll be going ahead and so, we ought to turn our attention to the type of clothing we’ll be wearing once the sun puts his hat on.

Out with the sad, swaddling sweats, and in with the fun and frothy summer wear. For those who may have spent most of last year in the confines of their homes, it may well be time for a long overdue upgrade. Enter, Frankies Bikinis.

Founded by Malibu native Francesca Aiello, the brand offers a kaleidoscopic range of swimwear and beachwear that are crying out to be sported in warmer climes.

The Vegan CollectionFrankies Bikinis
The Vegan CollectionFrankies Bikinis

The brand, which now boasts over one million followers on Instagram, has also just debuted its first-ever vegan leather apparel line which comprises of buttery-soft, eco-conscious faux leather blazers, tops and trousers.

We caught up with Aiello herself to find out a little bit more about Frankies Bikinis, how she’s been coping during the pandemic and the things that she just can’t live without.

What does 2021 look like at present moment for you?

2021 has been mostly filled with work, which I am not mad about! I couldn’t be more grateful to have a job that I love, especially during this time. To be able to have something to really dive into when there is really not much else going on in the world is something I really appreciate it.

What are you goals for 2021?

I have personal resolutions as well as work resolutions — one being to lead my Frankies Bikinis team with strength, confidence, and most importantly kindness.

What have been your five wardrobe staples you’ve been wearing whilst WFH?

I have been living in my Frankies Bikinis Aiden Sweatshirt and Frank Oversized Sweatpants for cosy work days and lazy Sundays. I wear the Alo Yoga high waist flutter legging and wild thing bra in black for my morning workouts and puppy walks (I have a puppy named Honey, so walks have become a daily routine for us) and I’ve been taking a lot (or all) of my work calls from home, so my Wildflower Cases “shrooms” phone case has been something that just makes me happy.

Frankies Bikinis
Frankies Bikinis

Emi-Jay sweet dreams scrunchie is a staple in my everyday wardrobe to keep my hair up and out of my face. It is made with 100 per cent silk and doesn’t damage my hair and also looks so chic! Another staple I have been using a ton while WFH is my Frankies Bikinis “Jax” bucket hat in baby berry to protect my skin from the sun. The weather in LA has been so nice, so whether I am on a call, working outside, or taking my dog Honey for a walk, I always have this bucket hat on.

What’s your skincare routine?

My skin is fairly dry so I am always doing what I can to keep it hydrated. I was always tentative of drugstore products because my skin is really sensitive, but a friend introduced me to Aveeno calming foaming face wash for sensitive skin and my skin loves it. I will usually use that cleanser on days I have makeup on or feel like my skin needs a good deep cleaning. This product helped me realise that my skin can only really handle products made specifically for sensitive skin, thus leading me to find Holifrog Water Lily Nourishing Milky Face Wash which is my new day to day “Holi” Grail.


Another staple in the routine is my Embryolisse Face Cream — it is so hydrating and thick which I personally cannot live without. An absolute staple in my skincare routine and something I carry with me at all times is my Frankies Bikinis Glow Mist. I swear I am always pulling this out of my purse and misting it all over my face throughout the entire day. It keeps my skin so hydrated and looking fresh, and it also is something that I find relaxes me. Lastly my ride or die product is Elta MD’s tinted SPF. There’s never a day I don’t have these products slathered all over my face!

Frankies Bikinis
Frankies Bikinis

The Frankies Bikinis Glow Moisturiser is a product I use for every “no makeup” day, which is most days for me. It has a golden undertone to it, so even without makeup my skin looks glowing and super healthy. Another beauty trick that I am obsessed with is my Frankies Bikinis Glow Tint. I love playing and experimenting with makeup, but I also love a multi-use product that gives me my perfect flushed look, glowy skin and is really quick and easy to use. This glow tint is so easy to use on your eyes, lips and cheeks and truly gives me that summertime, natural flushed look that I love year round.

What is the one item you can’t live without?

One Item I can’t live bikini. My Frankies Bikinis Sky set in black and white is truly something I wear all the time.

Whether I am laying in the sun, surfing, or heading to work and need a cosy and supportive top to act as a bra, this bikini is tried and true and its something I always have in my purse or car because you never know when you need a “Sky” set in your life.

What has been your favourite guilt-free pandemic purchase?


One of my favorite guilt free pandemic purchases has been my Ultra Mini UGG boots in chestnut. Since I dress super cosy most days, I wear these shoes so much. The other day I even found myself wearing my UGGs in 90 degree weather, but I loved every second of it - they’re just so cosy!

What’s the one beauty product you wish more people knew about?

Every girl knows the importance of a great dry shampoo, and I discovered Klorane Oat milk dry shampoo at a pharmacy in Paris. It is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried - and I’ve been through a tonne. Luckily I am able to purchase this on Amazon, and I think its a product everybody could use in their drawers.

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