Frankie Essex reveals gender of twins

Frankie Essex had a gender reveal party credit:Bang Showbiz
Frankie Essex had a gender reveal party credit:Bang Showbiz

Frankie Essex is expecting a boy and a girl.

The 34-year-old reality star revealed last month that she is pregnant with twins and on Sunday (20.03.22), friends and family joined her and partner Luke Love for a gender reveal party.

Frankie's brother, Joey Essex, shared clips from the celebration on his Instagram Story.

In one, Frankie was joined by her cousin Chloe Sims and she then took to the mic to thank her guests for coming and urged them to go into the garden to watch some fireworks to find out whether she was expecting boys, girls, or "one of each".

She said: "Everyone come outside and celebrate with us. We are so excited."

Joey then shared a video of blue and pink fireworks exploding in the sky, before panning the camera over to Frankie, who celebrated by kissing Luke.

He captioned his post: "A proud brother about to become an uncle, congratulations to my sister and Luke. Boy and girl."

When she found out she was pregnant, Frankie hadn't planned to find out the sex of her baby, but she and Luke ultimately decided to because they didn't want any more "surprises".

Asked if she knows the sex of the twins, she said last month: "We haven’t [found out] yet but we are going to. I didn’t want to, but as soon as we found out we were having twins we both agreed that we’d find out. I would have wanted it to be a surprise, but I think I’ve already had the biggest surprise."

Frankie has had one baby name picked out for years, so it's proving difficult to select another as she wants the twins' monikers to "match".

She said: "I’ve always had a name in mind, ever since I was younger. When I first met Luke, I told him it. We’ve had to think of names, as it’s so hard to think of two matching names. So we’ve got options."