Frank Underwood's Fate Is Finally Sealed In The Trailer For 'House Of Cards' Season 6

Nick Pope
Photo credit: Netflix

From Esquire

When Netflix announced that disgraced producer and star Kevin Spacey would be ditched from House of Cards for its sixth and final season, fans started to speculate over how it would be handled.

Multiple allegations of sexual assault against Spacey were made public in October last year, and It was widely accepted that Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, would be killed off. Fortunately for the panicked creators of the show, the character in the novel and BBC original fell victim to the same fate.

And now we finally have confirmation of the fact, by way of a brand new teaser trailer. In the clip, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) stands in front of Frank’s grave and talk directly to the camera, saying: “I’ll tell you this Francis. When they bury me, it won’t be in my back yard, And when they pay their respects [to me], they’ll have to wait in line.”

The sixth season is set to premiere on 6 November.

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