Frank Skinner and David Baddiel drop witty festive rendition of Three Lions

Three Lions gets a cheeky festive makeover for the World Cup credit:Bang Showbiz
Three Lions gets a cheeky festive makeover for the World Cup credit:Bang Showbiz

Frank Skinner and David Baddiel give a shout-out to the Lionesses on their festive rendition of their 1996 football anthem 'Three Lions'.

The 58-year-old comedian and his former 'Fantasy Football' co-host have again teamed up with the Lightning Seeds on the new version of the soccer tune - which was first released for the Euro 96 tournament before being reworked for the World Cup in 1998 - and wanted to the fact this year's World Cup is taking place much later in the year by adding some festive sounds.

The lyrics for 'Three Lions (It’s Coming Home For Christmas)’ have also been "updated" to reflect the historic win for the England women's football team in the Euros tournament over the summer.

Baddiel quipped: “At last it’s between me and Mariah Carey for who really is the voice of Christmas.”

Skinner added: “We just had to do it. Christmas World Cup songs are not like buses. If we’d let this opportunity pull away, it would have been a very long wait for the next one."

Baddiel quipped that he looks the double of Santa in the music video that sees them revisit the same house they filmed at for the original almost 30 years ago.

He told the i newspaper: “We visit the old house, where we made the 1996 video, but we were young then,” he says. “And now it’s me with a beard and a Christmas jumper. And yes, I do look like Santa.”

Baddiel is flabbergasted that this year's World Cup, which kicks off on Sunday (20.11.22), is being hosted Qatar.

One witty verse goes: "When they decidеd on Qatar/ Should have checked VAR/ It's too hot, and too far/ So wе'll be snowflakes watching it here."

And should England make it to the final, he admits it will play on his "conscience" if he attends.

He commented on the controversial choice of host city: “It’s really bad. It’s sort of amazing that internationally we let this happen… So when someone says to me ‘Oh, England are in the final – do you want to fly over?’, I will have to deal with my own conscience.”

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