Franco Nero joins Dawn French in Delicious: first-look pictures for series two

Dawn French and Emilia Fox in new series of Delicious
Dawn French and Emilia Fox in new series of Delicious

Dawn French and Emilia Fox will return for a second series of Sky One's comedy-drama Delicious later this year. They will be joined by Italian film star Franco Nero, Vanessa Redgrave's long-time partner ho is best known for his role as Vessepi in Django Unchained.

French and Fox will reprise their roles as talented cook Gina and the glamorous Sam, both former wives of the Penrose Hotel's deceased head chef Leo, played by Game of Thrones' Iain Glen, who narrates events from beyond the grave.

Dawn French in Delicious
French as successful chef Gina

The first series, which aired in December 2016 and was Sky One's most-watched drama of the year, focused on the relationship between the two women. The second series will centre on collapse of that delicate dynamic, as new arrivals threaten to destroy the success of their business.

Dawn French and Franco Nero in Delicious
Gina (French) tells her father (Franco Nero) off for arriving at the hotel unannounced

Nero, in his British TV series debut, will play Gina's estranged father, who turns up out of the blue and begins to interfere with the women's friendship. 

Glen, meanwhile, will reprise his role as Leo, as his two ex wives struggle to maintain a civil relationship with each other.

Emilia Fox in Delicious
Fox as the sophisticated Sam

It's not long before the complicated combinations of love, friendship, and rivalry begin to affect the women's happiness, as the negative impacts of Leo's legacy begin to come to light. 

Franco Nero in Delicious
Nero portrays Gina's father in the upcoming series

Delicious also stars Sheila Hancock as Mimi, Leo's mother, Tanya Reynolds as Gina's daughter Teresa, and Ruairi O'Connor as Michael, Sam's son. Joining the cast for the new season will be Aaron Anthony, who will be playing Adam, the new protégé at the Penrose Hotel.

 The second series of Delicious will air on Sky One in late December 2017