Francia Raisa froze her eggs to avoid rushing to settle down

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Actress Francia Raisa has undergone the process of freezing her eggs so she doesn't need to "rush" to settle down.

The Grown-ish star didn't want to find herself in a race against time to start a family, so she decided to plan for her future.

"I don't want to settle. I really want to wait for the right person...," Raisa said on U.S. daytime show The Talk. "I really want to be friends with someone first and really know you, because I don't want to have to worry about that again ever...

"Now I'm not in a rush to, you know, get into a relationship because my 'biological clock is ticking.'"

Selena Gomez's best friend revealed the egg freezing process lasted for two weeks and wasn't as "easy" as she had expected it to be.

"You're basically pregnant. And I think the hardest part was, you know, I did get bigger and I didn't have a baby. That was rough...," the 32-year-old shared. "It was draining. I'm glad I did it, and I do suggest it to other women to do it. The recovery process is hard. I had a lot of great support - and now I'm not afraid of needles as much!"

In addition, Raisa explained the procedure proved to be highly emotional for her, as she struggled with "pregnancy brain" and had the "craziest thoughts" due to her hormones, which she had to control while at work.

"I cried all the time. I thought everyone hated me," she remembered. "I'm grateful to everyone at Grown-ish for being so patient with me while I was doing the whole process, because I would walk off set right at 5.45 to make sure I was injecting at six o'clock. It was definitely very emotional, and I'm glad that I'm not as crazy anymore."

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