Fran Drescher believes fashion’s future is 'sustainable'

Fran Drescher loves sustainable fashion credit:Bang Showbiz
Fran Drescher loves sustainable fashion credit:Bang Showbiz

Fran Drescher believes fashion’s future is “sustainable”.

The ex ‘The Nanny’ star - who teamed up with ThreadUp for their eco collection - believes throwaway culture when it comes to style has to “stay back” in the past like generating 20 per cent of global wastewater and accounting for 10 per cent of all carbon emissions.

The 65-year-old actress told the US edition of Vogue: “I’m outspoken about being an environmentalist. I think that moving towards sustainable fashion is definitely the 21st century, and leaving behind all the waste and disposable mentality of the 20th century has to stay back there in that century. It is interesting being on the cusp of two centuries where there are people that still have that mindset that garbage goes somewhere where we don’t know or care, but it’s out of our view and so it’s not our problem.”

The collection’s creator Daniel Silverstein - who helms Zero Waste Daniel, his own eco clothing line - has always known the fashion industry hasn’t had “enough discussion” about its impact on the world.

The designer told the same outlet: “I knew that there wasn’t enough discussion going on about the consumption of materials.”

Daniel - a lifelong fan of Fran’s notable dress sense since the 90s - called it “the ultimate design challenge”.

He said: “I know all of these things from having watched the show, having been a fan, having followed her career even since The Nanny, and all of the things that work about that iconic style. It was the ultimate design challenge.”