Fox Saved With Dog Blood Transfusion After Being Poisoned

A poisoned fox has been given a second chance at life thanks to a blood donation from a dog. The male red fox was found by a passerby who saw the animal lying beside a Toronto roadside. Worried that it had been hit by a car, the woman called Toronto Wildlife Centre to get the animal some help. Soon after, the centre’s rescue team arrived at the scene and was able to easily capture the unwell fox. The red fox was weak, lethargic, pale, and bleeding from minor wounds and orifices. TWC’s Dr. Cameron Berg started emergency treatment to address the fox’s symptoms and make him more comfortable. Berg hoped the fox would be stronger by the next day, but that wasn’t the case. Knowing of a successful blood transfusion on a grey fox using blood from a dog, the TWC doctor decided to take a chance and try the procedure with the red fox. By the end of the procedure, the fox already seemed a bit brighter, and by the next day, he was more aware and responsive. The fox is now stable, eating well, and acting normally, but TWC’s medical team is still monitoring it closely.