Four ways to boost wellbeing in 2023


Exercising more and eating well are usually at the top of most people's New Year's resolutions.

But rather than heading back to the gym for your usual routines or making the same old meals, why not consider switching up your daily regime? Arina Kuzmina, certified integrative health coach and nutritionist, has offered up her predictions for the health trends set to take off in 2023.

Mindful eating

Being thoughtful about maintaining balance has been a key trend of late.

"And now, the concept will shift to the plate as well. Mindful eating is not focused on WHAT you are eating, but on HOW and WHY. It encourages you to be present during the meals, eat slowly and without distractions," she said.

Targeted workouts

With a wide variety of workouts available online and offline, exercise routines are becoming more goal-oriented and focused on precise needs.

"We are seeing workouts that aim to correct posture, boost energy levels, to ground you, to improve your balance and oxygenation. It's not just about achieving a certain fitness level anymore," the expert noted.

Farmers' markets

Rather than relying on the supermarket, why not seek out your local farmers' market for fresh, organic produce?

"Organic food has seen a new level of interest with the rising popularity of markets. They are becoming wider spread and some are even functioning on a daily basis rather than opening for one day only. This helps consumers shop local organic produce and support their goal of having a more sustainable and eco-friendly life," said Arina.

Personalised solutions

Wave goodbye to fad diets and generic multivitamins - more personalised options are on the rise.

"We are all different and unique, so the solutions we chose to improve our health should be too. It's time to look into personalised meal plans and supplements based on blood tests as well as other health data," she added.