Four in 10 women have sworn by a 'questionable' beauty hack

Four in 10 women have sworn by a beauty hack that turned out to be questionable - seeing little or no results, research has revealed. A study of 2,000 females found 32 per cent have followed the mantra that shaving their legs should be avoided as it makes your hair grow back thicker - when in reality it makes no difference to the colour, thickness or rate of growth of the hair. While 22 per cent have turned to toothpaste to help soothe spots - despite the fact that it can actually cause more irritation to the skin. Other misconceptions women have believed over the years include that crossing your legs causes varicose veins, plucking grey hairs causes more to grow in its place and chocolate gives you spots. But it also emerged more than one in twenty (six per cent) have even been harmed by a beauty myth they tried, with some suffering skin reactions, bruising and even burns. TV presenter Frankie Bridge, an ambassador for beauty supplement brand Perfectil, which is working to help separate beauty facts from fiction, said: “I’ve spent a lot of time in the past googling various beauty myths and then giving them a go, hoping they would be the quick fix I was looking for. "As you can imagine, I was almost always left disappointed.