I Found My New Favorite Leggings at Lululemon, and of Course They Have Pockets

Finding great leggings comes down to personal preference; some are buttery soft and great for lounging, while others are sweat-wicking and high-performance. If there was one pair that did it all, though, and had side pockets, they would be the ultimate leggings. Well, after a lot of searching (and I do mean a lot), I think I found the ultimate leggings: the Lululemon Invigorate High-Rise Tight ($128).

There are three factors that make these so special. First, the fabric. They're made of Everlux, which is quick-drying and lightweight but still holds you in. These leggings are made for sweaty, high-impact activity, but you could also comfortably wear them for yoga, walking the dog, or just hanging in the house. Second, there are roomy side pockets. This, unfortunately, is not a leggings staple, but it really should be. Having roomy pockets lets you store your phone, keys, headphones, and mask easily. Lastly, the placement of the pockets is really game-changing. Normally, side pockets are useful but not flattering on the thighs. Lululemon has somehow managed to design these pants in a way that's both streamlined and functional, and I'll be buying another pair.

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