Formerly Rich People, Tell Me All The Culture Shocks You've Experienced After Becoming Less Wealthy

The economy is weird right now. Millennials and Gen-Zers, in general, aren't making nearly as much as their parents did at the same age. For that and a multitude of other reasons, many people today are finding that while they may have grown up wealthy, as adults, they're not quite as well off. Which is fine. But it can lead to some culture shock.

Heidi Montag in an interview with Access Hollywood, captioned "You could say I'm broke."
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Wealth can act as a bubble, and the "real world" can be startling. So, if you grew up well-off but are now living a normal working-class life, I want to hear about anything you've found shocking (or even just mildly surprising) about life after wealth.

Maybe your family never had to worry about healthcare costs when you were a (wealthy) child, but now that you're a (normal) adult, you got smacked in the face by the reality of healthcare costs.

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If you went to a good private school and are from a nice town, it's possible your first experience outside your "bubble" was in college. What's one bubble-popping moment that really struck you?

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Maybe you grew up well-off, but because of something like the recession or COVID, you or your family members lost your jobs. What has surprised you most in the fallout?

Or perhaps you've fallen out of your fancy family's good graces and have had to create your life on your own. Doing it with no support — especially when you've been supported your whole life — is mentally and financially stressful. This is the place to talk about it!

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Whatever memory or moment sticks out to you, big or small, please feel free to share it in the comment section down below. Or, if you prefer, you can always check out this anonymous Google Form. Your story may be shared in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!