Former UFC champ Miesha Tate delivered her daughter after 67 hours of labor

Miesha Tate is now the mother to an adorable baby girl after 67 hours of labor. (Getty)

Miesha Tate has fought in the Octagon and won a title, and now she’s slaying motherhood. Tate’s partner, Johnny Nunez, shared the joyous news via Instagram on Sunday: they’re now the parents of a newborn baby girl, and it took Miesha 67 (!) hours of labor to deliver her.

Her name is Amaia Nevaeh Nunez, and she’s adorable. From the caption of his Instagram post, Nunez is completely over the moon about it — not to mention in total awe of Tate for enduring 67 hours of labor to bring Amaia into the world. 

Daddy Vows to love you, protect you and Never leave you!! I am dedicating my life to loving you, Cherishing you, Inspiring you and Teaching you what I have learned early and in the later of my life. … We will teach you, by example, to be Humble and Kind… just like your momma! GO GET EM BABY GIRL! The world is yours!

Tate, 31, is a former bantamweight champion who won the UFC belt in 2016 after beating Holly Holm. She held the title for just a few months, losing it after she was defeated by Amanda Nunes at UFC 200. After she lost to Raquel Pennington at UFC 205 later that year, Tate decided to retire. Since then, she’s started a management firm for other fighters, hoping to give them the early support she felt was lacking in her own career. She announced her pregnancy with Nunez in January.

Myra Fukuno, a friend of both Tate and Nunez, posted a lovely picture herself with the new mom and the sleepy little daughter.

Tate posted her own mommy and daughter photo to Instagram on Monday, along with more details about the long and challenging birth of Amaia.

Sixty-seven hours of labor is incredible, and it’ll also be a handy fact for Tate to bring up when Amaia is a rebellious teenager. There is definitely a “I didn’t labor for 67 hours for you to take the car without asking!” in her future.

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