Former 'One Tree Hill' Star Chad Michael Murray Shows Off His Six-Pack in IG Thirst Trap

Chad Michael Murray has a sense of humor about his status as a former teen heartthrob. He previously joked that when he looks at pictures of himself in his One Tree Hill days, he doesn't get the appeal and finds himself thinking: "What a dweeb... He thought he was so cool!"

If anything, Murray is feeling himself more now, at age 40—or at least, that's what his Instagram would suggest. The actor's recent update from his weekend workout showed that he is still in incredible shape; he posted a selfie with his lean physique and defined six-pack abs on full display.

Murray, who these days stars in action fare like the Fortress trilogy, opened up about the fitness and nutrition routine that he uses to maintain his cut physique in a 2020 interview with GQ, when working out at home became the new normal.

"I ran out and snagged a home fitness centre," he said. "I already had a bench and free weights and [was] making new playlists to keep me focused... I’m more of an old-school, Rocky Balboa, ropes and chains kind of guy anyway when I’m working out."

And because abs are made in the kitchen, Murray is fairly strict with what he eats. "I'm not a foodie, so that helps," he said. "I eat out of necessity, not out of desire... I eat pretty clean the entire day. I’m very rule-based on these things and I’m really stubborn about it."

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