Former Love Islander Molly-Mae Hague Reveals Scars after Endometriosis Surgery

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Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about learning to love her body after having surgery to treat her endometriosis. Speaking to her 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, the 22-year-old tried on an array of gym sets as she candidly pointed out the scars left behind from last month's surgery. 

'My stomach is still not fully back to normal from my endometriosis operation,' she said, referencing the procedure she had in October before showing 'one of the little scars' where the surgeons entered her stomach. 

Molly-Mae also explained how surgeons had 'gone through' her belly button during the surgery, as well as lower down her body. 'I don't think you really want to see my vagina so I won't show you those ones,' she laughed at the camera.

Despite showing off the scars for her followers to see, the influencer reminded herself that the only opinion of her body that matters is her own. 'Not that I need to justify why my stomach doesn't look extra tight today but that is why,' she added.

The 22-year-old has been incredibly open with her fans about her experience with endometriosis, a condition which causes tissue similar to the lining of the womb to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. 

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In a YouTube video shared over the summer, Molly-Mae talked about how painful the condition can be, describing endometriosis period pains as 'on the same level as labour.' She added, 'I obviously don’t know what labour feels like but they’re to the point I literally can’t stand up, I’m screaming in pain, no painkiller will make me feel any better, I have to take days and days off work. I feel like I’ve been in a car crash after I’ve been on my period, it’s not normal.'

After her surgery last month, she took to her socials once more to update her followers on the journey, admitting the procedure and subsequent recovery had been 'harder' than she expected. 'The operation was way, way harder to go through than I thought,' she said in a video on her YouTube channel. 'My recovery time was quite a bit longer than I had planned, and I was just a bit of a mess after that surgery.'

Thankfully, based on the cheery smile in her latest clip, it seems the reality TV star is feeling in much better spirits now. 

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