Former Emmerdale Star Malandra Burrows discusses how her dog spotted she had breast cancer

Actor Malandra Burrows has bravely opened up about the moment her dog realised she had cancer whilst appearing on ITV with Lorraine Kelly.

Video transcript

MALANDRA BURROWS: It was so bizarre. And then we were watching a movie together, and she literally wanted to lie on my chest. She'd never done that before. Nuzzling, sort of headbutting me, and-- sorry, I got quite emotional talking about it. And this one night, she kind of swiped me so hard with her head. It really, really hurt.

So, that same evening, before I went to bed, I just checked myself and thought, oh, she must have bruised me. It's really painful. And that's when I felt this little lump. And I thought it was a swollen gland.

- Right.

MALANDRA BURROWS: So, I thought, it's a Friday night, I'll leave it the weekend. I'm sure it'll go down. Monday morning, it was still there, and that's when I thought, I'll just speak to the GP, told her what had happened.

You know, it was my little puppy, border terrier, she'd done this. My GP fortunately said, come in straight away. Let me have a look. And hey, that was the start of my little sea journey.

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