Former 'Great British Bake Off' Winner John Whaite Blasted By Ex-Contestants Over Bin-Gate Tweet

Ash Percival

‘Great British Bake Off’ winner John Whaite was branded a “twat” and a “bell end” by a fellow former contestants, after a joke about the show’s  infamous bin-gate appeared on his Twitter. 

A picture of baker Diana Beard, who fans remember was responsible for taking Iain Watters’s Baked Alaska out of the freezer during the (b)incident, was posted on his account, along with the caption: “If you can’t be nice, be naaaasty.”

This tweet appeared on John Whaite's Twitter account

Iain, who defended Diana amid the backlash she received over the incident in 2014, hit back on Twitter: “Not cool you twat. Not sure what goes through your head, that you think this is the right thing to post.”