Forget Cider! Kopparberg Just Dropped A Bunch Of Canned Cocktails

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Photo credit: Kopparberg
Photo credit: Kopparberg

We've seen hard seltzers. We've seen rum. Jeez, we've even seen vodka! So it was only right that the ever-popular Swedish brewery, Kopparberg, launched ready-to-drink cocktail cans, agreed? Well, you best believe that they've entered the RTD market with a bang, launching not one, not two — but a trio of canned cocktails: Cherry Storm, Strawberry Cosmo and Lemon Collins.

Yep! Inspired by some of our favourite classic cocktails, we have a feeling these boozy little tinnies are going to go down a storm.

Kopparberg's Cherry Storm, dedicated to the only and only Dark 'n' Stormy, combines cherry rum with lime and ginger beer. While the Strawberry Cosmo, swaps traditional vodka (usually used in a classic cosmo) for its strawberry & lime gin with sparkling cranberry juice. And finally, the Lemon Collins uses the brand's tasty lemon vodka with soda.

Now, does anyone else feel a summer picnic coming on?

Photo credit: Kopparberg
Photo credit: Kopparberg

Kopparberg Head of Marketing, Rob Salvesen said, "We felt it was a natural extension for the brand to reach into the growing and exciting ready-to-serve category but wanted to add something different to the category with our modern take on classic cocktails."

Kopparberg's new cocktail cans are available now in Morrisons and Asda, and will roll out into other major retailers from the 27 April.

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The perfect accompaniment to a hot summer's day, and *the* ultimate add-in to your Pornstar Martini, we can't help but picture all of the insanely-delicious cocktails we'll be able to knock up with this stuff once we get a bottle.

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