2024 Ford F-150 Lightning Production Cut as Bronco, Ranger Production Soars

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Ford is Reducing F-150 Lightning ProductionCar and Driver
  • Ford has released a statement showing that it will scale back production of the F-150 Lightning to one shift, effective April, 1.

  • As the company dials back production of the Lightning to match market demands, it is doing the opposite for Bronco and Ranger by adding a third production crew.

  • A statement released by Ford said that the company expects continued EV sales growth for 2024, though not as significant growth as previously anticipated.

UPDATE 1/19/24: This story has been updated to include Ford's changing production plans to reduce F-150 Lightning production to one shift effective April, 1. Ford is also planning to add a third crew at the Michigan Assembly truck plant in Wayne, Michigan, to meet increased demands for the Bronco and Ranger.

The growth rate for electric vehicle adoption has recently been in something of a lull, and automakers have responded with a widespread pullback in EV investment. Ford is no different, with the automaker planning to scale back production of the F-150 Lightning next year.

That's based on an internal planning memo, which was obtained and reported on by Automotive News. Ford reportedly told suppliers to expect an average volume of roughly 1600 Lightnings per week at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, beginning in January. That figure is half of the 3200 Lightnings that Ford had previously expected to produce, with the ultimate goal of building 150,000 units per year.

AN also reported that the reduction will come as Ford attempts to match "changing market demand." To that end, the company said in a statement Monday that it will "continue to match production to customer demand."

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This past October, Ford temporarily idled one of three shifts at the Lightning plant, a move that affected roughly 700 workers. The move came shortly after the manufacturer added a third shift to the Lightning production line.

In spite of the slowed production, Ford is managing to move F-150 Lightnings this year. The company sold 20,365 electric trucks through November of this year, marking a 54 percent increase over last year. It also achieved its highest month of sales yet, selling 4393 of the electric truck in November. Though, to put those figures in the perspective of Ford's greater sales numbers, the automaker sold 190,477 total trucks in the third quarter of 2023 alone.

This story was originally published December 12, 2023.

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