'You fool!' Love Island fans demand the girls 'up their standards' following Wil and Sean betrayal

Love Island's Wil Anderson
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island viewers were left reeling in tonight’s episode (7 July) when Matilda Draper and Uma Jammeh forgave their Villa partners for their recent behaviour.

The two women were horrified when the actions of Wil Anderson and Sean Stone came to light during movie night. Matilda had to watch clips of Sean cracking onto both Diamanté Laiva and Ruby Dale - even sharing kisses in bed.

Meanwhile, Uma was mortified when Wil formed a bond with Scottish bombshell Lucy Graybill. He even took her to the hideaway for alone time which left Uma on the brink of tears.

The girls were fuming, but the following day, they softened towards their partners which left fans reeling.

Ciaran Davies and Wil Anderson
Wil had a tough time following movie night but insists he wants to be with Uma -Credit:ITV

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the matter, and it’s safe to say they were fuming.

One questioned, “Is Matilda actually forgiving Sean rn. She know’s he’s her only chance left in the villa #loveisland.”

When it came to Uma, one said: “UMA YOU ABSOLUTE FOOL.” A third despaired: “These girls folded so fast #loveIsland. And another commented: “Ugh these girls need to up their standards #LoveIsland".

Sean Stone and Matilda Draper
Matilda seemed to forgive Sean for getting with two girls while she was in Casa Amor -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

One Islander who has ditched her former couple is Mimii Ngulube. She was coupled up with Ayo Odukoya who, while Mimii was in Casa Amor, formed a connection with Jess Spencer.

Luckily for Mimii, two new bombshell boys have come into the Villa. Reuben Collins confirmed he has his eye on Mimii, Uma and Grace Jackson. He said: “Obviously they’re all stunning but it’s mainly how they hold themselves and how they are as people.”

Josh Sunday Oyinsan also entered the Villa, who Mimii later declared to the girls that he’s exactly her “type” which left them all excited.

One fan also rejoiced as they wrote: “Josh said Mimii is his type and Mimii said to the girls he is her type.”

While Uma was thrilled to see two new boys after seeing her partner’s behaviour, it’s been reported that she’s left the show.

In scenes still yet to air, Uma’s partner Wil will reportedly be dumped in a surprise twist.

The reports come after The Sun alleged earlier today that the villa had been rocked by a shock walking out . “The villa is so full that people are sleeping on the day beds. So producers decided it was a good idea to trim the fat and called another dumping soon after Movie Night.

“What they were not expecting was the partner of the individual axed wanting to leave.”