Some food essentials cheaper in Marks & Spencer and Waitrose than popular supermarkets

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Premium supermarkets are offering more competitive prices for everyday essentials than some of the UK’s most popular grocers.

TikTok user @everylittlepenny, who offers money saving tips and regularly compares prices at different supermarkets, found that Marks & Spencer and Waitrose were charging customers less than popular supermarkets on several everyday items.

An 800g loaf of whole meal bread at Marks & Spencer cost the user 70p, while Sainsbury’s Local was charging 80p for the same weight.

Meanwhile, the video showed that two pints of milk cost £1.15 at Marks & Spencer, 20p less than at Sainsbury’s Local (£1.35).

Similarly, six eggs would set a Marks & Spencer shopper back £1, while those shopping at Sainsbury’s would pay £1.10.

A comparison video between Waitrose and Co-op food drew similar results, showing that the most premium supermarket is not always the least affordable.

While Co-op came out top on some items, such as eggs and bread, the high-end supermarket was cheaper for several key ingredients.

A pint of milk at Waitrose is £1.20, 15p cheaper than Co-op (£1.35). Similarly, a 1kg bag of rice costs £1.40, while Co-op charges customers £1.55.

Plain spaghetti is also cheaper here; a 500g pack in Waitrose costs 85p, while Co-op shoppers will pay £1.05.

Food prices have continued to rocket in recent months due to soaring inflation, Brexit, and Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the UK rate of inflation hit 10.1 per cent last month, the highest level in 40 years.

The ONS said the increase was largely attributed to high food prices and staples, including toilet rolls and toothbrushes.

ONS chief economist Grant Fitzner commented: “A wide range of price rises drove inflation up again this month.”

He added: “Food prices rose notably, particularly bakery products, dairy, meat and vegetables, which was also reflected in higher takeaway prices.

“Price rises in other staple items, such as pet food, toilet rolls, toothbrushes and deodorants also pushed up inflation in July.

The Independent has contacted Sainsbury’s for comment.