Florida police officers disciplined for leaking news of Bob Saget's death

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Police officers Emiliano Silva and Steven Reed have been disciplined for leaking news of Bob Saget's death.

The Full House actor was found dead in his hotel room near Orlando, Florida in January at the age of 65. It was ruled that he suffered blunt head trauma from accidentally hitting his head, possibly during a fall.

According to Click Orlando, Silva responded to the scene after Saget's death, investigating the hotel room in which he died. Silva reportedly told his brother about Saget's passing before being authorised to do so. Silva's brother leaked the news on his Twitter page.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office told the outlet that Reed was off duty during the incident, but was told of Saget's death and spread the news to his friends.

The department said they received media inquiries about the late comedian before they were able to notify his wife, Kelly Rizzo, of his death. Homicide detectives had not yet even arrived on the scene, they explained.

They did not disclose what penalties Silva and Reed would receive.

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