Florida Panthers’ Jonah Gadjovich celebrates NHL win by putting newborn twins in Stanley Cup trophy

Florida Panthers’ Jonah Gadjovich celebrates NHL win by putting newborn twins in Stanley Cup trophy

As the Florida Panthers took home their first-ever Stanley Cup on Monday, left winger Jonah Gadjovich and his wife Allison found the perfect way to celebrate the team’s historic win.

The Miami-based team beat the Edmonton Oilers 2-1 on June 24 in game seven of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Final. While many players commemorated the win by inviting their family on the ice, Jonah and Allison decided to place their one-month-old twins in the coveted Stanley Cup trophy.

In the photo, the parents stood on opposite sides of the silver trophy, as they held up their twins Lion and Adalee. Although the twins were sound asleep during the celebration, they still managed to look cute in matching black onesies with white stars.

Allison shared the sweet family photo-op to Instagram, as well as a message congratulating her husband on his NHL win. “Our trophies @jgadjovich,” she wrote, alongside a trophy emoji and two baby emojis. “Putting the twins in the cup a month after they were born is a moment we will never forget! We are so proud of you @jgadjovich our Stanley Cup CHAMP!”

Speaking to the Palm Beach Post, the 25-year-old ice hockey player gushed over the memorable family milestone. “It’s incredible,” Jonah told the outlet. “It’s just a special feeling that we’ll carry the rest of our lives. We’ll look back on this 20 years from now and it’ll be incredible.”

The couple welcomed their twins two weeks prematurely on May 22. Allison announced their birth on Instagram, where Lion and Adalee looked cozy in matching white beanies and cream-colored onesies.

“May 22nd 2024, our two babies joined us and showed us a type of love we didn’t know existed. Welcome to the world our son and daughter,” she captioned the post.

Jonah admitted that it wasn’t easy juggling becoming a first-time father while also competing in the NHL playoffs. “It was tough for sure, but they’re incredible,” he said about his family of four. “I love them so much.”

He added: “It’s the best feeling in the world being a dad. I’m very blessed.”

Jonah and Allison weren’t the only Panthers team members to place their baby in the Stanley Cup trophy on Monday evening. Defencemen Gustav Forsling and his wife Daniela Kindstrand also posed for photos on the ice with their five-month old son, Bo, who they propped up into the bowl of the trophy.