Florence Pugh's Sparkle Micro Mini Dress Looks Like It Could Be A Top

Florence Pugh has definitely come into her own style-wise over the past year, turning up to events in *gorge* Valentino ensembles and bright colours, frothy fabrics and girly accessories. Yep, she's giving modern-day princess.

And her latest look is no exception! The outfit, worn to the various BAFTA After Parties, comprised of a fabulous silver and pink rhinestone micro mini dress with empire waist, paired with holographic platform sandals and diamond jewellery. It's giving heiress.

Just look at this 'fit:

florence pugh mini dress
David M. Benett - Getty Images

And one more for good measure:

florence pugh mini dress
David M. Benett - Getty Images

And while her fashion is to die for, we most love Florence Pugh for an entirely different reason. She keeps it real. While she 'can put on makeup and look good for a premiere' she is keen to remind us that she's a human, just like us, and has has her body image struggles. In fact, in a recent video interview for Vogue she got candid AF about navigating beauty standards in the entertainment business.

'Body image for women is a major thing. From the moment you start growing thighs and bums and boobs and all of it, everything starts changing. And your relationship with food starts changing,' she said.

'I had a weird chapter at the beginning of my career, but that was because I wasn't complying. I think that was confusing to people, especially in Hollywood,' she continued.

'Women in Hollywood, especially young women in Hollywood, are obviously putting themselves in all these ways in order to get whatever opportunity that they need to get because that's just the way that it's been.'

'I think I definitely put my foot down in that aspect,' she added. 'I love food.'

Here's to that!

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