Florence Pugh Missing Her 'Mama' Due To Social Distancing Protocols Is All Of Us Right Now

Ata Owaji Victor
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Florence Pugh has opened up about how the restrictive social distancing measures have affected the time she's spent with her own family since the pandemic started in 2020.

The Little Women actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (2 February) to express an all too familiar feeling for all of us amid the ongoing pandemic and third UK lockdown. Pugh candidly captioned a photo of herself and her mother with a heartfelt expression of her current feelings over the separation that has affected most families over the past year.

'I miss my Mama today. I know many are in my situation, so I also know saying this time has been tough without family close by is something that resonates with a lot of people,' wrote the star.

The relaxed snap - presumably taken before the first COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020- shows the two women in a simple embrace on what appears to be a hiking trip. Pugh continued her emotional caption by saying;

'It’s the longest time I’ve gone without hugging my family and boy am I feeling it, however, knowing that the end of all this may be in sight is certainly making days like these easier. To Mamas and Papas without their babies right now- there isn’t a day we don’t hear your lessons, nags, pokes and reminders. I’ve found myself constantly throughout this weird year smiling at the fact that I’ve subconsciously played their voices on loop in my head, in situations where I know I’ve needed their help. Turns out.. we do listen ;).'

Pugh's sentiments are ones that are most likely felt by everyone braving the current lockdown restrictions across the UK and the rest of the globe.

Despite her obvious heartache over the continued separation from her mother, the Oscar nominee has been keeping herself busy at home with different cooking exploits. Our banana bread bakes and Tik Tok-approved feta pastas appear to be no match for Pugh's pasta evenings.

Having practiced cooking up a batch of pasta whilst speaking with ELLE for her cover shoot in May last year, Pugh took to Instagram on Saturday, 11 January, to post a series of snaps showing her latest attempts at creating homemade pasta on her own.

Photo credit: Florence Pugh - Instagram
Photo credit: Florence Pugh - Instagram

Sporting a pug-themed apron gifted to the actress by her mother at Christmas in honour of Pugh's dog Sir Albert, the 25-year-old showed fans a fun, almost step by step, view into her cooking exploits. The finished product - homemade fettuccine and lobster ravioli - were a far cry from any of our repetitive lockdown meals.

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