Florence Pugh 'charged' by sheep on set of The Wonder

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Florence Pugh has recalled the scary time she was "charged" by a sheep on the set of The Wonder.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, the British actress discussed what it was like shooting the period drama in the mountains in rural Ireland.

In addition to the wind and rain, Florence noted that she also had to deal with farm animals.

"As I was walking past this sheep, the sheep wouldn't move out of the way," she recounted, noting that she "gently patted" the sheep. "That sheep ran into me. I flipped over the sheep and went straight down into like cowpat. It was full-on mud, it was great."

Unfortunately for Florence, a photographer on set ended up capturing the moment.

"Actually, there was a photographer there and instantly the next day it was on The Daily Mail. Like, 'Sheep Got Better of Flo,'" the star sighed, adding sarcastically: "Thanks for that."

The Wonder begins streaming via Netflix on 16 November.