This Flight Attendant Has Explained Why You Should Never EVER Drink Tea Or Coffee On A Plane

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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God, when was the last time you went on an aeroplane? It feels like forever ago now, right?

If you can think back that far to when you were last on a flight somewhere exciting, did you have a tea or coffee? I bet you did.

Well, the bad news is, you really shouldn’t have. Let me explain. Actually, let this flight attendant explain…

Kat Kamalani has taken to TikTok to explain the things you absolutely should not consume when you’re on a plane, and unfortunately, that includes your favourite cuppa.

Kat (@katkamalani) starts by saying, “Don't you ever, ever, ever consume these products, from an airplane, from a flight attendant.

“Rule number one, never consume any liquid that is not in a can or a bottle, the reason being is because those water tanks, are never cleaned.

“And they are disgusting. So, talk to a flight attendant, we rarely, rarely drink the coffee or tea, they come from the same water tank so when you're drinking that coffee or tea it comes from that hot water and it's absolutely disgusting.

“These little coffee guys are rarely cleaned unless they are broken. These guys are taken out and cleaned in between flights but the whole machine is never cleaned. And, they are by the lavatories.”

Jeez, I sure wish I’d had this information, oh I dunno… about 15 YEARS AGO WHEN I FIRST STARTED GOING ON PLANES?!?!?

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