A New Flavour Of Maryland Cookies Has Been Spotted In Shops

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The team behind Maryland Cookies are no strangers to an epic new flavour. Last year, the cookie brand released a mint flavour and a hazelnut flavour, and not long after they joined forces with Jammie Dodgers to launch a hybrid cookie.

But now, they've taken things up a notch by recreating the nation's favourite cake into a cookie, and we couldn't be more excited to give these new treats a go.

Introducing, Maryland Cookies Lemon Drizzle Cake Chunkies.

Inspired by the classic lemon drizzle cake, the cookies are not only flavoured with lemon, but they're accompanied by white chocolate chunks. Yum, or what?

Currently available in Poundland for just 75p, we're expecting to see these cookies pop up in other major retailers soon.

Love cookie content as much as us? Then you'll be thrilled to hear that Greggs recently launched Bake Your Own Cookies, and they're mega.

Spotted online via Extreme Couponing on Facebook (the best place to find yourself a good bargain if you ask us), the brand-new frozen cookies come in two flavours, triple chocolate and milk chocolate. Both promise "soft, crumbly cookies" complete with "tempting chocolate pieces."

Quite literally bake from frozen, these treats are no-doubt going to go down a storm amongst Iceland shoppers and Greggs fans.

Greggs' Bake Your Own Cookies are available in-store and online from Iceland for just £3.

Elsewhere, we've even seen Cornetto drop a cookie-inspired ice cream.

Yep! We're talking about a soft chocolate and cookie flavoured ice cream, topped with chocolate cookie pieces and drizzled with chocolate sauce, complete with a chocolate tip. Incred or what?

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