There’s A New Flavour Of Lindt Lindor Chocolates And It’s All Too Exciting

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Photo credit: @kevssnackreviews
Photo credit: @kevssnackreviews

Admit it… Christmas is about one thing and one thing only: chocolate.

Sure, spending time with family and friends is lovely. But wouldn’t you rather stuff your face with chocolates than have another boring conversation with that great-aunt you don’t usually have to see about her cats. I can count on you guys to agree with me on that one, surely?

Anyway, the point is, chocolate is great especially at Christmas. Which is why we’re so super-excited about this new flavour of Lindt Lindor chocolates we’ve spotted on Instagram.

Thanks to @kevssnackreviews, we now can’t stop thinking about pistachio Lindt chocolate truffles.

The creamy, nutty version of these iconic chocolate balls have been spotted in B&M stores recently, so you better move fast if you want to bag yourself a box… or 16. They’re described as having “a delicate milk chocolate shell covers an irresistibly smooth pistachio truffle filling,” and that is just fine with us.

Speaking of Lindt chocolate, have you given the new Lindt hot chocolate? It’s pretty damn delicious.

Crafted by Lindt master chocolatiers, the new hot chocolate is the brand's first-ever drink in the UK, and it promises to provide the smoothest, creamiest and most indulgent hot chocolate you've ever tasted.

You can get your hands on the brand-new hot chocolate via Tesco, Amazon and Ocado, and it will set you back just £4.

Entire box of pistachio Lindt Lindor chocolates washed down with a Lindt hot chocolate, anyone?

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