FKA Twigs just got the most extravagant manicure we’ve ever seen

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More often than not, celebrities take us by surprise with a dramatic new beauty look. And it's always when we're least expecting it! Talk about catching someone off guard...

Whether said look is a drastic chop or colour switch up (JoJo Siwa, Hailey Biebs, we're looking at you) or even the latest double winged eyeliner trend to consume TikTok (RiRi, you're up), they just keep on coming. And why? Well, because they can. Celebs do have access to some of the world's most exclusive ✨things✨, beauty included.

And when scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning at 6am *humble early morning brag*, I spotted the most awe-inspiring look from everyone's favourite Tears In The Club singer. No, not Weeknd, but FKA Twigs.

Yep, this might well be the most out-there manicure we've ever seen. It features a dolphin piercing, pearls, rose embellishments, crystal gems, and even what looks to be a Vivienne Westwood emblem. And that's not even everything.

Can we all just take a 'mo to appreciate that detail?

Imoan Nails, acrylic specialist, custom made these nails for FKA which she actually wore for her oh my love music video that debuted on YouTube just the other day. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that this acrylic set is probably at least six or seven inches long, which, by my ranking, certainly qualifies them as a statement.

I for one, am in total awe.

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