Five feng shui tips for a happy home

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Our bedrooms and living spaces became our safe havens during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

According to new research commissioned by analysts at fashion e-retailer Missguided, around 70 per cent of British adults found happiness during this time by making changes to their homes to try and bring in a bit of positivity, and over half researched "feng shui" to get ideas of what they could be doing with home improvements.

"It's no surprise that many Brits have made the houses they live in their personal sanctuaries for work, rest and play in these unusual, often unsettling times," leading feng shui consultant Vicky Sweetlove explained. "When we experience a period of stress or worry, we want to be in a space that makes us feel safe. It's interesting that this resulted in so many people wanting to do their own research into feng shui and how this could be brought into their homes."

And now that the restrictions of the pandemic are beginning to ease, there's no time like the present to spring clean your home and help bring in some positive flow.

Mirror placement

While mirrors can be helpful when putting together an outfit or applying make-up, it's important to consider exactly where you place them.

"Do not place a mirror directly in front of your main door into the home, as the chi energy will bounce straight in and straight out again. This is because there will be no chi energy flowing easily through the home," she advised. "When placing a mirror, whether in a hallway or bedroom, ideally, you need to see the whole body from head to toe to symbolise that you can move forward in your life. If the feet are not seen, it could symbolise being stuck and not moving forward anywhere in a job, career or relationship. Make sure that there is space at the top of the head in the mirror to symbolise room to grow in life."


To make your home as calming as possible, it's critical to ensure there's little to no mess.

"If you feel stuck in an area of life such as a relationship, clear all clutter in the South West of your home," noted Vicky. "It's vital for the health and wellbeing of the occupants of the home for it to be free of clutter including objects on the floor, boxes, paper, books and clothes."

Have healthy plants

Though many of us built up a pot plant collection during the course of the pandemic, be sure to check that your greenery is healthy and thriving. If you want to have a home that has positive energy flowing through, then it's important to remove any dead or dying plants in the home, this includes dried potpourri.

"Dried plants or flowers symbolise decay and dead chi energy, which is not helpful in promoting the right atmosphere in your home," she explained.


For those looking to relieve daily stress, there are many crystals to choose from.

"A particularly gentle one is the rose quartz crystal, which helps with electromagnetic pollution and promotes a feeling of wellbeing," the expert shared. "You can place it in any room in the home, however, if there is one particular room where you feel the most stressed, like the home office or your bedroom, (place it there)."

Balance the elements

It's important to keep it simple and incorporate the five elements into your home to promote good chi.

"The five elements which are fire, earth, metal, water and wood can be brought into the home in a variety of ways through colours or objects. For example, for the fire element, use colours of red and orange, candles, pictures of sunflowers, and shapes of stars, triangles and pyramids. When all five elements are balanced and in harmony, you can begin to experience a wonderful happy home," she added.

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