Fitness model flaunts abs at six months pregnant, sparks controversy

Model Sarah Stage is famed for her supremely toned tummy, but the popular Instagram star is no stranger to body criticism.

Stage made headlines in 2015 during her first pregnancy. After posting a picture showcasing a tiny baby bump at full term, the backlash was immediate.

“You should go to the doctor,” one follower responded.

“This is f—ing weird!!!! Where the hell is the baby?” said another.

Sarah Stage posted this picture in her ninth month of pregnancy (in 2015). <i>(Image via Instagram)</i>
Sarah Stage posted this picture in her ninth month of pregnancy (in 2015). (Image via Instagram)

Now pregnant with her second child, Stage is facing similar criticism.

She recently shared a progress picture to mark six months of pregnancy, but once again her baby bump is hidden behind a tight set of abs.

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The response, ranging from “what bump” to “six months pregnant? You are lying,” has prompted the young mom to step in.

In a follow-up post, Stage told onlookers there was “no room for negativity.”

“Baby no. 2 is healthy and measuring just fine,” she wrote. “I would think that after having James, who was born almost 9 lbs and healthy, people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves … we are all different that’s what makes us special and unique!”

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Stage continues to workout during pregnancy using light prenatal training techniques. She insists that she and bub are happy and healthy as she prepares for motherhood a second time around.

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