Fitness injuries: How to ease the pain

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If you've fallen victim to an exercise injury, it's important you take the proper time out to rest.

There are also a few key things you can do to aid your recovery - but remember, don't push yourself too hard or you'll just end up further damaging the injured area.

We've listed some simple ways to help overcome your pain and ease your body back into exercise.


Depending on how brave you are, there are a few ways you can utilise frozen water. If you want the easier option, use a bag of ice or frozen peas and press it to where you feel pain. This will help your injury recover faster and reduce the uncomfortable feeling in your muscle. For those that are bolder, try submerging the injury into a bath or sink of ice water.


Stretching is a simple but effective technique which will get you back on form quickly. Make sure you go for a gentle approach though and don't make the target area worse with your moves. For example, with an ankle injury, try rotating your foot mildly, but if it hurts too much don't push yourself.

Don't treat without a professional opinion

Unless instructed by a doctor or professional, don't try and dose up on medicines or wear support. This may make the injury worse and by wearing a band without being recommended you could alter the healing process. If the damage continues to hurt see a specialist - it's not worth the pain!

Warm up

Rather than risk hurting yourself in the first place make sure you are prepared for a workout. Whether you jog on the spot, take a quick walk or simply do some stretches this will all contribute to how you feel during exercise.


You don't have to get back out there straight away. Waiting until you're fully healed is one of the best pieces of advice you can take in this situation. Whether it's your knee or shoulder, find a position which is comfortable for you and take it easy for a while. Also, be careful about your sleeping position as you may cause more pain during the night.

Drink water

Because you lose a lot of fluids during a workout, make sure you replace them quickly. Water helps your metabolism and strengthens your muscles, improving your overall bodily function.

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