First trailer for Peter Dinklage's new rom-com She Came to Me

peter dinklage in romcom she came to me
First trailer for Peter Dinklage's new rom-comSky Cinema - Sky

Sky Cinema has released the first trailer for She Came to Me, a new romantic comedy starring Peter Dinklage, Anne Hathaway and Marisa Tomei.

The film casts Dinklage as an opera composer named Steven suffering from a serious case of writer's block, and a sexless relationship with Hathaway's therapist character Patricia.

With pressure mounting to showcase work he hasn't made yet, and feeling frustrated, our protagonist is sent out into the streets to meet people and find inspiration.

peter dinklage in romcom she came to me
Sky Cinema - Sky

He goes on to have a one-night stand with Tomei's character Katrina, a woman who lives on a boat and is admittedly quite intense when it comes to men she's into... by which she means, she's been done for stalking before.

Although he feels bad about his hookup, Steven has found his inspiration and gets a rave response for his piece about a crazy murderer lady who lives on a boat. Unfortunately, Katrina sees it and it makes her believe he is obsessed with her as much as she is obsessed with him.

In the trailer, we also see Patricia annoyed by a patient who admits he keeps imagining her naked, but a later shot sees her naked and screaming in front of him. What's going on there then?

peter dinklage in she came to me
Sky Cinema - Sky

The film's official synopsis says: "A composer suffering from writer’s block rediscovers his passion after an adventurous one-night stand, a couple of gifted teenagers fight to prove to the parents that their young love is something that can last forever, and for the woman who seemingly has it all – love arrives in the most unexpected places."

The trailer focuses on the first of those storylines, so it looks like there's even more in the film beyond what we've been teased. Intriguing.

She Came to Me will be released later this year.

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