The first Saudi woman astronaut reaches space station

STORY: Saudi Arabia's first female astronaut arrives

at the International Space Station

Rayyanah Barnawi is part of SpaceX's second

all-private astronaut team

Barnawi is a stem cell specialist and plans to

carry out breast cancer research

[Rayyanah Barnawi, Saudi Astronaut]

“Kind greetings from outer space. Thank God, we are living are living a dream we didn’t think could become a reality. Thank God, with the support of the government, with the support of our leaders, the support of our families and the support of everyone. This journey does not represent just my ambitions but those of the whole Arab world and all Saudis."

Axiom Mission 2 is set for a weeklong

stay at the station

Peggy Whitson is a former NASA astronaut

and the mission's commander

[Peggy Whitson, Commander, AX-2 mission]

"It was a great launch, a great ride. We had a lot of fun on the way up and we're really excited to get a lot of work done up here. But it is. It's great for me to come back personally. It does feel like home."