Get a first look at NSYNC's troll transformation in “Trolls Band Together”

The members of NSYNC are getting the band back together — and now we've got our first look at their troll transformations.

Universal Pictures unveiled a photo Friday showing off the reunited boy band's characters in the upcoming animated movie Trolls Band Together: Joey Fatone's Ablaze, J.C. Chasez's Hype, Justin Timberlake's Branch, Chris Kirkpatrick's Trickee, and Lance Bass' Boom.

The reveal also came with a behind-the-scenes video of the NSYNC gents returning to the recording booth and getting into character for the third installment in the Trolls film franchise. "Are you all up in your feelings right now?" Timberlake asks Bass' mom at one point. (It's okay, Diane, we are too.)

NSYNC's troll counterparts in 'Trolls Band Together'
NSYNC's troll counterparts in 'Trolls Band Together'

DreamWorks Animation NSYNC's troll counterparts in 'Trolls Band Together'

After a month of speculation, NSYNC recently delighted fans by reuniting at the MTV Video Music Awards to present Taylor Swift with the Best Pop honor. Two weeks later, they released "Better Place," their new first song in more than 20 years, which will appear on the Trolls Band Together soundtrack.

While Timberlake worked on the first Trolls movie and the sequel Trolls World Tour (voicing Branch and contributing singles for each film), producer and music supervisor Gina Shay recently told Billboard that it was a thrill to get the rest of NSYNC on board this time. "I'm so glad we were able to do this for the fans," she said. "It has been a mix of love, pandemonium and wish fulfillment."

Trolls Band Together follows Poppy (Anna Kendrick) as she tries to reunite her boyfriend Branch with his former boy band BroZone. Musicians Troye Sivan, Eric André, Daveed Diggs, and Kid Cudi voice the other members of the music group — but BroZone might not be the only boy band Branch has been a part of.

Trolls Band Together hits theaters on Nov. 17.

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