The First Look At Epcot's Moana Attraction Is Here, But Not Everybody Is Excited

 Te Fiti model at Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana
Te Fiti model at Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana

Walt Disney World has already seen one major attraction opening this year with Tron: Lightcycle Run finally bringing the Grid to guests after years of waiting. Overall fans are in love with the new ride. However, it’s not the only new attraction coming to Disney World this year. Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, is very close to opening at Epcot, but it seems a lot of fans aren’t quite as excited about this one after getting a look at it.

The first look at Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, was dropped online today by Disney Parks. It shows what looks to be a fun interactive experience where guests will be able to move through a lovely, green environment, at their own pace, and interact with several different water effects.

While there are a lot of people who think Journey of Water looks like something Epcot needed, an area with plants and water and shade, and some interactivity that kids will adore, not everybody thinks it looks all that impressive. Especially considering that Disney World has similarly interactive experiences available to guests before the main attraction. As future Disney World documentary filmmaker Josh Bailey put it

Cool, they built an interactive queue.

It’s certainly true that several ride queues at Disney World have small interactive elements to keep people entertained while they stand in line. While Journey of Water may be a great deal more than that, it’s difficult to tell from watching the video just what makes this an attraction unto itself. Many just don't think the final result justified the wait...

This took how many years to make with construction walls up for how long in Epcot!!!!??? Disappointing…

The attraction is mostly focused on interacting with different water features. By waving your arms about you can get water to move, or create different sounds, potentially even music, by moving your hand through water. While it is clear in the video that MagicBand+ is not required to experience the attraction, for some it looks a bit too similar to the way that some MagicBand+ interactions in the park actually are for some…

Disney really be out here saying, buy this magic band, come to our parks, and just wave like an clown at random things.

In short, there’s a feeling from many that Journey of Water just doesn’t look like enough. The feeling is that after the years it has taken for the attraction to be completed, there should just be more here. And considering what other Orlando theme park resorts are doing, maybe this should be something grander.

Universal: building a brand new park and 5 lands Disney: our Disney adults can now walk around touch water fountains!

It should be pointed out that, while yes, it took many years for Journey of Water to be completed, there was a global pandemic that completely closed the resort for months and delayed construction on everything for even longer. It should also go without saying that, while the attraction may be fairly simple in execution, that doesn’t mean it was simple to design.

An exact opening date for Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana has not been given, but with Cast Member previews getting started, we’re likely only a few weeks away.