First Look At ASOS' Brand New (Affordable!) Homeware Collection

Jess Commons

Hold onto your hats because ASOS has finally announced the launch date of its long-awaited homeware line. Your house seven-bedroom flat you share with 15 other people is about to get super chic, for prices you can afford – even with your extortionate rent.

The collection (we broke the news about it last year) is set to launch on 4th February with prices starting from £8. It's going to be called ASOS SUPPLY and will feature on-trend pieces that come under three separate themes: 'Eclectic Luxe' (think recycled glassware, retro-inspired statement plates, pom-poms and tassels), 'Cool Minimal' (iconic prints and clean lines) and 'Global Traveller' ('70s-inspired rattan and graphic geotextiles).

All prints have been designed in house and the pieces themselves have been created with twentysomething living in mind, which means they can move and morph into whatever space you find yourself in – from the Hackney bedsit to the Manchester Guardian property, student halls or your old bedroom at your parents' house.

Go forth and nest.

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Glass Water Bottle, £14</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Glass Water Bottle, £14

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> 2 Pack Origami Tumblers, £12</p>

ASOS SUPPLY 2 Pack Origami Tumblers, £12

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> 2 Pack Scientific Jar, £12</p>

ASOS SUPPLY 2 Pack Scientific Jar, £12

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Angular Metal Jar, £12</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Angular Metal Jar, £12

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Animal Print Bowl, £18</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Animal Print Bowl, £18

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Bamboo Plant Stand, £14</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Bamboo Plant Stand, £14

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Cheeky Tufted Rug, £36</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Cheeky Tufted Rug, £36

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Coloured Trinket Ring Dish, £16</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Coloured Trinket Ring Dish, £16

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Eye See You Double Duvet Set, £35</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Eye See You Double Duvet Set, £35

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Frill Rug, £18</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Frill Rug, £18

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Heart Shaped Basket, £18</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Heart Shaped Basket, £18

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Lustre Storage Set, £14</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Lustre Storage Set, £14

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Oval Shelf Mirror, £30</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Oval Shelf Mirror, £30

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Pom Pom Cushion, £16</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Pom Pom Cushion, £16

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Print Pen Pot £6</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Print Pen Pot £6

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Square Mirror, £20</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Square Mirror, £20

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Tray & Pot Trinket Dish, £14</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Tray & Pot Trinket Dish, £14

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Minimal Woven Throw, £32</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Minimal Woven Throw, £32

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Ombre Bamboo Basket, £16</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Ombre Bamboo Basket, £16

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Scroll Frame Mirror, £35</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Scroll Frame Mirror, £35

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Shell Trinket Dish, £12</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Shell Trinket Dish, £12

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Wire Bin, £24</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Wire Bin, £24

<p><strong>ASOS SUPPLY</strong> Dash & Hand Bathroom Set, £16</p>

ASOS SUPPLY Dash & Hand Bathroom Set, £16

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