Firefly Lane fans share the same complaint over season 2 part 2

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Firefly Lane fans have one season 2 complaintNetflix

Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 2 part 2 of Firefly Lane.

The final episodes of Netflix friendship drama Firefly Lane have dropped, and fans are making the same complaint about it.

Let's face it: The events of the season 2 part 2 are A LOT. We see Kate (Sarah Chalke) grapple with her terminal diagnosis, finally writing the novel documenting her life, while Tully (Katherine Heigl) struggles with what her life will look like without her best friend in it, as well as whether she can truly be vulnerable with her on-off love interest Danny.

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Sadly, like in Kristin Hannah's book of the same name, Kate does pass away in the show, and the final episode explores her funeral. As if that wasn't devastating enough, we discover that Kate left Tully a box, containing her finished novel (named Firefly Lane, also) and a selection of mementos that span their friendship, including a playlist tailored for Tully, a joint and an autographed photo of David Cassidy.

When it comes to nostalgic keepsakes, it's pretty heartbreaking.

Understandably, since the show's ending was aired yesterday (27 April), fans have been cursing the Netflix gods for playing on their heart strings in such a big way. It really is a lot to take.

will netflix's firefly lane get a season 2

One posted: "I cried all the way through the final part of #fireflylane absolutely broke me #FireflyLaneSeason2Part2", while another wrote "just finished firefly lane and now off to cry myself to sleep".

For one fan, the tears were flowing way before the finale, with them tweeting: "screw you #FireflyLane already crying on the first episode of part 2".

Another fan made a really lovely observation – they tweeted that alongside the fact that the finale "ripped me apart", the story itself was super important.

They said:"#FireflyLane is the beautiful love story of friendship & shows how a soulmate isn’t always a romantic partner. The ending ripped me apart but beautifully told."

Another added: "Omg #fireflylane literally broke my heart, sad ending but beautifully well written".

It sure is an emotional rollercoaster, and not one to start lightly, but the heart-warming moments of friendship – arguably an example of the best love that exists – makes it all worth it.

Firefly Lane is available to watch now on Netflix

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