Firefighters called to rescue student from tumble dryer in university halls

Daisy Lester
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It took three firefighters to remove Cole from the dryer  (Lydia Dunwell)
It took three firefighters to remove Cole from the dryer (Lydia Dunwell)

Firefighters were called to a bizarre rescue mission on Tuesday evening when a student got stuck inside her shared university accommodation’s tumble dryer.

Rosie Cole, 21, was partaking in a drinking game and was dared by other students to get inside the clothes dryer.

Cole reportedly thought she had “no chance” of fitting as she attempted to wriggle inside.

Emergency services were called to the scene around 11pm after Cole found she could not remove herself from the dryer.

The student had been drinking wine and honey tequila in the university halls in Beresford Avenue, north Hull.

The rescue mission lasted 20 minutes in total and involved three firefighters.

Rosie, from Hull, East Yorkshire, said “they save cats from trees” so maybe they could “save students from tumble dryers.”

She added: “It wasn’t until I wriggled both my hips in and got my legs crossed behind me that I couldn’t get out.”

The house of six had been given a safety briefing but Cole admits to never having done her own washing.

She said the firefighters were “lovely and they just laughed… When they were leaving they opened the washing machine and asked if anyone else needed saving.”

Housemate, Lydia Dunwell, 21, had awoken to the sound of sirens and initially thought the house might be on fire.

The psychology student was reportedly left “shocked” and “speechless” when she discovered Rosie in the dryer, and began to film the moment.

She added that the phone operator thought a small child was stuck: “It was so embarrassing – they had to tell her it was a grown 21-year-old woman.”

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