Fiona Phillips hounded off social media after sharing COVID-19 experience

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Television presenter Fiona Phillips introduces then-Labour Party leader Ed Miliband during a shadow cabinet public consultation event at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. (Geoff Kirby/PA Images via Getty Images)

Fiona Phillips has spoken of her “very scary” battle with coronavirus and revealed that abuse she received after sharing her symptoms made her delete her Twitter account.

The 59-year-old TV presenter picked up the virus in March and said fighting COVID-19 left her feeling like she was “at death’s door”.

But she also had to contend with online trolls who hounded her so much she felt compelled to close her Twitter account.

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The Watchdog star received sympathy when she revealed her symptoms on Twitter, but there were also people who gave her lots of abuse.

Fiona Phillips and husband Martin Frizell at the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards in October 2016. (Dave J Hogan/Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Opening up to The Mirror, Phillips said: "I came off Twitter altogether because even when they think you’re on death’s door, there are still people making nasty comments about you."

Talking of her experience with the virus, she went on: "COVID-19 isn't a cuddly, friendly visitor. It might think it’s cosily wheedled its way into my bed, and my body, but it’s definitely not welcome.

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"And, having come bearing gifts such as a fiery sore, high temperature/fever, shortness of breath, annoying dry cough, aches, pains, lethargy and a whole-body-sized cloak of sweat – nice – I’ll be doing my best to make sure he doesn't stay too long either.

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"There’s an element of fear. The unknown is very scary. But I didn’t have time to think of whether I might not get through out because it knocked me out.”

The former GMTV presenter went on to explain how she had to “let the illness take over”, because her condition left her unable to do anything but spend days in bed so she could “get rid of it properly”.

Phillips is married to This Morning editor Martin Frizell. They have two sons.

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