Finnish and Ukrainian people stage flash mob to show support for war-torn country

Jouni Soikkeli/Ukrainian Association in Finland/Cover Images

Ukrainians, Finns and other nationalities stood side by side to form the shape of Ukraine, including the currently Russian-occupied regions of Crimea and Donbas, in Kansalaistori Square in Helsinki on Saturday.

Participants raised blue and yellow sheets of paper, symbolically unfolding the national flag on the whole territory of Ukraine. The flash mob, which involved hundreds of people, was photographed and filmed from a drone.

The Ukrainian Association in Finland organised the event to honour Ukraine's Independence Day, which took place on 24 August.

The organisers hope that pictures of the flash mob will be spread as a visual greeting to Ukraine.

Those involved intended to assure Ukrainians that Finland will stand with them in their fight for independence and integrity.

"The map of Ukraine with all its territories is deeply symbolic. We believe that every single city or village, every piece of Ukrainian land will be liberated from Russian occupiers and our country will be free and united again," said Nadiia Fedorova from the association. "In this battle for freedom we need strong support from our friends and we hope that Finnish people will stay with Ukraine up until the victory."