Finance expert shares the maternity leave rights all new mums should know with Lauren Pope

By now you will probably know that my gorgeous little Raine has arrived safe and sound and I couldn't be more in love! She came two weeks early, because of some complications it was decided for her own safety that I be induced but all went ok thankfully. Before she arrived I managed to have a live chat with Lynn aka Mrs Money Penny who is an amazing finance expert and also just an all round boss babe. She herself openly admits she got herself into a lot of debt before, but is now fully debt free using techniques that she happily shares with all of us. We spoke about budgeting and how best to keep a track on what your spending, and also, how you can then tweak your saving to start paying off your debt in the quickest way possible. Lynn gave some great ideas for how to earn some extra money whilst your on maternity leave, theres some really nifty and easy ways to do this! I hope you guys find this really useful, I think having tips from someone who has been through debt and come out the end end being debt free is priceless, I could of spoken to Lynn all day as she had so many tips and ideas!