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Fill 'er up! The 5-inch-wide Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is down to $60

This easy-to-use gizmo may be small, but it's big on taste, fans say: 'The quality is the same as the larger machines.'

Morning people who wake up chipper are true wonders. (Or if you're not one of 'em — truly annoying wonders.) While they're skipping around the house, the rest of us are screaming at our families and making a beeline for the coffee maker. We want our morning joe, and we want it as quickly as possible. The super-speedy Keurig K-Mini is ready to caffeinate even the grumpiest java junkies, and it's down to $60 at Amazon. Thank you, coffee gods!

Want freshly brewed coffee without the hassle? Meet your new best friend.

$60 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

At 40% off, Amazon's deal on the Keurig is a solid one — especially when you think about how much a trip to Starbucks will set you back every morning. We've only seen it go about $10 lower, and that's always around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (We're willing to bet your caffeine cravings can't wait 'til then.)

Why do I need this? 🤔

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying a leisurely morning — in fact, most of us are usually scrambling around more than the eggs we're frying up. Rather than spending time measuring out beans, grinding them, placing a filter in the machine and waiting for your java to brew, you simply fill the Keurig K-Mini with water, pop in a K-Cup of your choice, turn it on and bam — fresh coffee in a jiffy.

At less than 5 inches across, this sleek coffee maker won't take up too much precious counter real estate, either. It's compatible with K-Cups between 6 and 12 ounces, whether you're looking to sip coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even iced drinks.

While this Keurig only brews a single serving at a time, it's so quick that caffeinating multiple people doesn't take long at all. Plus, it allows everyone to choose their own hot beverage, and the fact that it's so compact (under 5 pounds!) makes it great for bringing on the go.

keurig k-mini coffee makers in three colors
All hail the Keurig Mini, our pint-size a.m. all-star. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Nearly 76,000 Amazon shoppers rely on the Keurig K-Mini for a little morning jolt.

Pros 👍

"The quality of coffee is the same as the larger machines," said a happy buyer. "I have limited counter space in my kitchen, and although I love Keurig machine coffee, I couldn’t accommodate a bulky machine. This slim design fits perfectly. ... I have never had an issue with performance, it works great and I use it daily."

"Next best thing to having a butler," wrote another coffee connoisseur. "This fits on my bedside table and I actually get up when the alarm goes off because I have coffee waiting for me! I get it ready the night before and close the lid/hit the start button in the dark when I wake up — voila, two minutes later: Coffee in my hand!"

"It keeps going and going and going," said this longtime fan. "I have had this for over three years now, and it is still going strong. I use it to supplement my 10-cup coffee maker, but I still make 2-3 cups each day with this. It works every time and has not had a problem with any K-cups. I am thinking of buying another one now that it's on sale, just in case it ever fails."

Cons 👎

Fans say you'll need to place this Keurig right beside an outlet thanks to its less-than-generous cord length. "The cord is very short," said one otherwise pleased shopper. "Keep [it] on my counter, as I did with other units, but I had to angle awkwardly to be able to position for a plug. Never an issue with other units of similar size."

Others say it could be a little quieter (but hey, you want to wake up in the morning, right?). "Fits under my cabinet on my counter, fast and easy, no buttons, no digital display," wrote this final fan. "Kind of noisy if your bedroom is right by your kitchen, so plan accordingly."

Enjoy your favorite coffee, tea and cocoa in mere minutes.

$60 at Amazon

If you want to keep your hot beverages from turning lukewarm after 15 minutes, shoppers are also loving this little gadget:

This nifty gadget can keep drinks warmer for longer so you don't have to keep making trips to the microwave. 

$16 at Amazon

"I have purchased at least three mug warmers in a one-year period, and this one is the best," said a fan. "Easy-to-reach controls on top of the device, decent length electric cord. Three temperature settings are perfect; timer and auto-off functions are a plus. Other mug warmers I've tried have quit working within a few months, scratch and damage easily or are awkward to use."

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