Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane hilariously reacts to TikToker who made fun of the band’s style

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Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane hilariously reacts to TikToker who made fun of the band’s style

Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane has hilariously responded to a TikTok user who made a viral video criticising the band’s previous looks on the red carpet.

On TikTok on Wednesday, Jane did a duet of a viral video made by TikToker @olivialayne6, Olivia, who said that one of her “favourite running jokes is everyone talking about how bad Fifth Harmony was styled as a girl group”.

At the start of her clip, Jane could be seen hiding her head in her sweatshirt, as she began to laugh at Olivia’s comments. The text over the video then reads: “I’m scared.”

Olivia went on to explain her thoughts on the band’s style, saying: “Nine times out of 10: they always look like they were dressed for different events and nothing ever made sense. So I want to go over some of the best examples of that.”

Along with Jane, Fifth Harmony had four other members: Ally Brooke, Normani, Lauren Jauregui, and Camila Cabello. However, in 2016, Cabello left the band, which first started on The X Factor in 2012. The group of four announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus, in 2018, in order to pursue solo careers.

On TikTok, Olivia continued her explanation by sharing a photo of the group at the 2016 iHeartRadio MuchMusic Video Awards, where they all wore a variety of pink and nude coloured outfits.

“This is so bad that it’s diabolical like that’s the only word that I can think of,” the TikToker said about the outfits. She also noted that while the group may have been trying to be “cohesive,” they were all clearly wearing different shades of pink that did not go together.

While watching the clip, Jane had her face scrunched up and continued to laugh at the commentary. And when Olivia called Fifth Harmony’s outfits at the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards “absolutely hideous,” Jane agreed, as she had her thumb down and mouthed: “Me too.”

Olivia then detailed how she didn’t “understand” why the band’s stylist seemed to have one member of the group to stand out by wearing a more colourful dress than the rest of the girls.

She preceded her clip by calling Jane out specifically and claimed that her outfits didn’t coordinate properly with the group.

“Out of all of them, it feels like Dinah was the one that was always left out of the group chat,” Olivia said. “Her and Ally were always my least favourite dressers of the group, but Dinah’s outfits specifically were the most consistently off.”

However, it appears that Dinah didn’t take any offence to this comment, as she had her mouth open and was hysterically laughing at the camera. She also did a little dance for the camera and smiled.

When Olivia also showed an image of the band where everyone was wearing black, while Jane wore a red shirt and grey jeans, the singer mouthed: “I’m sorry.”

As the TikTok user shared another photo of the band, claiming that everyone except Jane was wearing “chic” outfits, Jane wrote, in the text of the video,: “Bye, I’m out.”


#duet with @Olivia L. #fifthharmony ok that hurt w the throwback, but very much valid 😭🤣🤣

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She concluded the video acknowledging how accurate Olivia’s opinions about the outfits were. “Looking back now, she had a valid point,” Jane wrote.

As of 26 August, Jane’s video has more than 4m views, with viewers in the comments also making fun of the girl group for their clothes.

“It’s giving episode vibes, like when you don’t have enough gems to buy a decent, appreciated outfit,” one wrote.

“They had everything but harmony,” another wrote.

A third person wrote: “Sis, stylists coordination left the chat while dressing fifth harmony.”

Jane responded to that comment, writing: “And at the time we thought we was cute n it made sense…but fawkk.”