Fi Glover & Jane Garvey on interviewing the PM and playing in the Pop-up Post Office

Award-winning broadcasters Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to Kate about interviewing the PM and playing in the Pop-up Post Office

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Video transcript

JANE GARVEY: I don't regret the time I made myself available to my kids.

FI GLOVER: No, me neither.

JANE GARVEY: I'm glad I did.

FI GLOVER: And I encourage anybody that feels that they want to do the same to do the same. And if you don't, no problem. I get that too.

JANE GARVEY: That's none of our business.

FI GLOVER: But yeah--


--it does-- it does feel slightly-- a slightly outdated view, doesn't it?

JANE GARVEY: Well, gosh it shouldn't, should it? I mean, I know myself as well, that I was a better parent precisely because I did do some work.

FI GLOVER: Exactly.

JANE GARVEY: I was much more patient. I was much more able to play in the pop-up post office on the days I wasn't working because I knew that the next day I would be working. I mean, I had days where I would interview the prime minister in the morning, OK, only two or three of those days, and then be it pickup a half past 3:00.

And the kid comes out of school, they're sweating, or somebody in the class has wet their pants. And they had chips for lunch and they got two wrong in their spelling test. And you're suddenly back in their world, and that is all that matters. And what the hell you've done at work during that morning, no one gives a toss, to be perfectly honest.

FI GLOVER: But no-- ans that's--

JANE GARVEY: And it's brilliant.

FI GLOVER: --as it should be.

JANE GARVEY: Absolutely. As it should be, yeah.