Festival Fashion at Coachella 2012: Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger

16 April 2012
Festival Fashion at Coachella 2012 Katy Perry Rihanna
Festival Fashion at Coachella 2012 Katy Perry Rihanna

Katy Perry watches Rihanna perform at Coachella

YES, festival season is finally here! And nothing gets us ready for summer quite like Coachella. Okay, so we're stuck at our desks in not-so-scorching Blighty while the beautiful boho set are living it up at the Palm Springs music festival (grr) BUT that doesn't stop us from gawping at Kate Bosworth, Katy Perry, Diane Kruger et al rocking their hipster gear. So have a flick through the gallery above to see how our favourite style-setters are staying fresh and functional in lashings of floaty maxi skirts, stompy lace-up boots, floral headgear and err, Rihanna's butt-grazing, super-studded short shorts.

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